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Semi-finished Test Blend 500 for bodybuilding

Test 500 is a blend of five testosterone with 5 esters. This combination came about as a result of popular demand from clients. Test 500 purpose is to simply provide a bespoke product that involves injecting less oil, usually to get these combinations you would be injecting out of 2 vials and with more oil. The end result is more hygenic, easier injections, better results. The combination in this product would be useful whatever your goal.

Each 1 ml of Test Blend 500 contains:
200 mg of testosterone decanoate;
100 mg per testosterone propionate;
100 mg per testosterone phenylpropionate;
50 mg per testosterone cypionate;
50 mg of testosterone Isocapronate.

Solvents: benzyl alcohol & benzyl benzoate
Carrier: USP Grape Seed Oil

1.Our premixed injections only need to be filtered before inject,it’s much cheaper than 10ml finished steroids, and more convenient than raw powders.

2.We only use medical grade carrier such as BA, BB, GSO, EO, Guaiacol and so on to cook our premixed oils, high quality can be 100% guaranteed.