Top Quality 17A-Methyl-1-Testosterone Steroid Powder for muscle gains

Name: 17α-Methyl-1-testosterone
Alias:17a-Methyl-1-Testosterone; 17b-hydroxy-17a-methyl-5a-androst-1-en-3-one; methyl-1-testosterone

1)CAS number: 65-04-3
2)Formula: C20H30O2
3)Molecular weight: 302.45
4)Content: 99%
5)Package: As your require
6)Appearance: white powder.

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Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Very discreet. As required.
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Supply Ability: 1000 kg/month
Minimum Order Quantity: 10g


17A-Methyl-1-Testosterone is useful for treatment of testosterone deficiency, breast cancer and menopause treatment. Some athletes also use the drug to improve workouts.
In males, 17A-Methyl-1-Testosterone can treat conditions such as testicular failure or delayed puberty caused by low levels of testosterone. The medication balances the testosterone levels in users, correcting a low level of the hormone.
17A-Methyl-1-Testosterone is commonly used as part of breast cancer treatment. The drug helps to slow the growth of the cancer by changing the hormonal makeup of cancer cells. This change prevents the cell division that is necessary for the cancer to spread.
Women also can use estrogen with 17A-Methyl-1-Testosterone in menopausal treatments. Prior to menopause, women produce large amounts of the hormone estrogen and smaller amounts of testosterone. With the onset of menopause, however, fewer of both hormones are produced.